At Camp Wonderful, we agree to:


Leave technology behind. We'll safely store your phones, computers, mp3 players, and T1-82 graphing calculators. With these things outside of arm's reach, we can better focus on real talk, real thought, real music, and real math (just kidding, we can make a giant abacus for that).


Let go of time. There’s something timeless about being...well, timeless. The only watch you’ll have access to is that big ball of fire in the sky, but don’t worry, staff will make sure you know what's happening and when.



Play, connect, and reflect. We agree not to talk about the big W (work). Instead of ‘What do you do?’ try: ‘Have you gone on the slip ‘n slide yet?’, ‘I’d love to paint your face. Would you like some whiskers?’ or ‘Did you try those fresh donuts?!’


Embrace new names. At Camp Wonderful we go by Camp Names only — come up with your own Camp Name that points to your passions and personality — or allow our professional namers to help you find your Camp Name when you get here. Haven't you always wanted people to call you ‘Ice Cream School Bus’?


Be substance free. Camp Wonderful is a safe, no drugs and no alcohol space. As kids at camp, we were able to get weird and wonderful simply by roasting marshmallows and drinkin’ bug juice. Let's do that s'more, shall we?


Be camp-years-old. Our community is made up of of folks who are all ages, and we think it’s far more fun to compare things like cartwheels or s’more making skills than it is to compare how many times we’ve each circled around the sun. We don’t talk about work and we don’t talk about our ages, either.