Why should you come to Camp Wonderful?

Top 10 Reasons:

1. Our Camp Art Director and Counselors are creating lots of fun weird interactive art installations in the woods (and many other awesome surprises).

2. Blueberry pancakes on blueberry island, we’ll be playing/boating/ swimming along the waterfront at camp. 

3. There will be a flying trapeze with trained acrobats to elevate you to new heights!

4. More green time, less screen time: when was the last time you went three days without looking at your phone or computer? Trust us, it’s worth it.

5. No talking about work! Come up with a creative nickname instead of using your real name! You get a blank slate to be playful, imaginative and open-hearted.

6. Secret magical treasure hunts.

7. Delicious local food will materialize in front of you for every meal.


9. It’s in the beautiful Berkshires: 2 hrs from Boston, 2.5 from NYC

10. You can register with the code WONDERFUL25 for $25 off! And if you’re interested in bringing a group we can hook you up with a group rate.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or want to talk about how we can make the most amazing camp experience for you!
Jonah Spear aka Benefitz
Randy Kohn aka Falcon's Nest
Wolf Mom, Wolf Pup, Awooooo, Ampersand and the Camp Wonderful Crew

Hilary Adorno