The Real Value of Camp

Camp Wonderful costs less per camper per day than most other camps. We are keeping camp under 150 campers again this year because we believe it’s worth being able to see and know everyone there. You can read more about Dunbar's number, but suffice it to say, we think it’s a sweet spot this year.

Camp also costs more to put on than the average ticket price; so we count on the support of select sponsorships and voluntary premium ticket sales to keep it all balanced. If you know someone, somewhere, that would like to help keep us solvent through such a partnership, we thank you for making that introduction.

The real value of camp is the connections we make with each other that lead to the support and camaraderie we share throughout the year. The whole purpose of Camp Wonderful is to create a community that nourishes through creativity, self-expression, and shared sense of belonging.

It is our deepest hope that this summer will be wonderful in all the ways we all may wish.

Please take a moment right now to register and give yourself the gift of summer camp.

Love and s’mores,

Camp Wonderful HQ

Hilary Adorno