Camp Wonderful is back! Find out what’s new for 2019

In August 2017 Camp Wonderful launched in style with music, campfires, late night snacks, flying trapeze and everything in between. Camp Wonderful is back, bigger and better than ever in 2019!

So, what is Camp Wonderful?

In a nutshell, Camp Wonderful is Summer Camp for Grown-Ups!

Camp Wonderful’s purpose is to create a community that nourishes through creativity, self-expression, and a shared sense of belonging by focusing on creating time to embrace nostalgia on a fun and authentic level. Campers trade phones, substances, and other distractions for nature, music, art, and other natural endorphin generating activities.

And what’s new in 2019?

For 2019, Camp Wonderful lives at a brand new home - Timber Lake Camp. The camp is about a two and a half hour’s drive north of Manhattan in the lush Catskill Mountains.


Campers will find all of the “glamping” luxuries in this year’s new venue: insulated, air-conditioned, Adirondack-style cabins featuring porches, bathrooms with showers, and cozy beds made for guests upon arrival. Campers are also welcome to sleep in their own tents if they want to keep the outdoor experience going all night long. A heated swimming pool with diving boards, a boating dock, zip line, stargazing deck, rock climbing wall, flying trapeze, and two centrally located lakes with a water slide are just some of the attractions Timber Lake Camp offers.

This summer, Camp has also developed a brand new menu. Chefs prepare every meal with fresh, local, organic ingredients. All food is included in Camp’s ticket price, and will cater to any dietary requirements , including carnivore, paleo, vegan, diary free, gluten free. So, if you’re a fan of crispy brussel sprouts, fresh and juicy watermelon salad, or treats piled high at our pancakes and waffles bar, you’ll have plenty to savor.

Camp Wonderful’s 2019 three separate sessions run from Thursday, September 5 to Sunday, September 15. Campers can choose a two, three, or four day experience.

How will I document my time at Camp without my cell phone?

Camp Wonderful advocates less screen time, more green time. The team will safely store Campers’ phones, computers, mp3 players, and especially TI-82 graphing calculators. With these things outside of the way, everyone can be present to real talk, real thought, real music, and real math (abacus not included).

Photographers will be on hand to capture life at Camp Wonderful - you’ll have hundreds of professional quality snaps from your time at Camp in your inbox just a short time after you get home. In a throwback to life before smartphones, lots of Campers also bring their own disposable cameras for capturing their favorite moments!  

What does a day at Camp Wonderful look like?


Campers won’t have time to worry about conference calls, social media, emails, selfies or deadlines with Camp Wonderful’s diverse and plentiful programming offerings! Wake up with yoga, meditation, coffee by the water, a morning cardio workout, or a walk through the woods. Spend the afternoon playing frisbee, printmaking, writing letters to new friends or swimming in the lake. Finish the day flying through the air on the trapeze (yes, Camp has a real trapeze, staffed by real professional circus artists!), playing flashlight tag, stargazing, or singing by the campfire.

Campers decide how many activities they’d like to participate in - and if they’d rather chill in a hammock, read, or catch up on some much-needed nap time, it’s all good!

I’m excited! Who’s invited?

Camp Wonderful is built on the foundation of celebrating differences with a “come as you are” atmosphere. Campers and Counselors embrace all races, genders, shapes, sizes and ages. This year, Camp will offer mixed gender cabins: Campers will be assigned to cabins at random, rather than on the basis of gender, unless they opt into an “all male” or “all female” identifying cabin. Every option is available.

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Campers’ respite from default daily life doesn’t just stop at a digital detox. Instead of asking “what do you do for a living,” campers are encouraged to ask “how does it feel to be here right now?” or “want to make s’mores by the bonfire?”.

Oh, and campers won’t be using their real name to ask these questions! At Camp Wonderful everyone goes by Camp Names only — Campers can come up with their own Camp Name that points to their passions and personality — or allow the professional namers to help them find their new nickname when they arrive.

I’m in! How do I book?

Tickets can be booked online via Eventbrite

Julie McCullagh