Why try Acroyoga? In short: Our beginners class is hella fun. This hybrid style mixes acrobatics with healing arts in a practice that helps you connect with others. If you’ve been looking to unleash your inner WOOP in a fun and no pressure environment, then this is the playshop for you. No experience is necessary, as you’ll learn to improve basics like trust, balance, and connection under the mindful guidance of our instructors.

So, you've tried AcroYoga before and you're ready to take it to the next level? Let's play in our intermediate class! Whether you’re looking to take it easy or get your adrenaline flowing, our Intermediate Acroyoga class has something for you. You’ll come out with big smiles, maybe a little dirtier, and definitely with stronger abs from balancing your friend in the air and from laughing together. If you’re already a seasoned AcroYogi, we’re excited to see your skills in action. If not – we’re on hand to help you get there.


This is a great opportunity to learn the building blocks and give you the confidence to try out other activities like our flying trapeze. Most classes take place in the incredible outdoor surroundings of Shandaken to help you feel centered and inspired as you are guided through the class. Expect to be taken out of your comfort zone, build deep levels of trust with your fellow campers, and leave with a giant smile on your face.

Flying solo? No worries—you’ll find someone to soar with once when you arrive! While you are welcome to train with a dedicated partner, there is much knowledge to be gained in mixing it up from time to time. This practice is deeply rooted the shared experience so you can expect stronger skills and stronger friendships with your fellow campers after attending. Remember, it is entirely up to you how high you want to soar or how slow you want to enjoy the process of getting there – we’ll be on hand throughout to make sure you find the perfect pace.

Check out our instructor Woop Woop on Instagram.

Caolan Hunter