+ Is a payment plan available?

In a word, yes! Contact us directly at info@campwonderful.com and we'll arrange an automatic monthly debit to spread out your camp payments. Our goal is to build a community with everyone who wants to be a part of it.

+ How will I get to camp? Airport/Train/Carpool?

The closest aiport is Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT (about 30 miles away). Amtrack will get you to Springfield, MA (about 30 miles away). As camp approaches, online carpool technology will enable campers to team up and there will also be plenty of parking on site for a small advance fee.

+ What time does camp start and end?

Please arrive no later than 3pm on the Thursday on which camp starts. We expect to see you leave by 3pm on the Sunday on which camp ends. We may adjust those times a tiny bit as the dates approach and will keep you up to date as that happens.

+ Will people be coming and going a lot?

Please plan to stay the whole weekend. It can be disturbing to the community to have folks show up late and leave early. The experience is designed to last the whole weekend; it's not a resort you can book for a night or two, so give yourself the whole 4-day-experience!

+ What's the food like?

Local, seasonal, organic wherever possible. We'll have plenty of options for all your nourishment needs including gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, etc.

+ Can I camp in a tent?

Yes. There’s space for that. Be sure to bring everything you’d need to camp as we are unable to offer tent or bedding rentals.

+ What are the cabins like?

There are six single beds in each cabin structure, screen windows, and real doors. Bathroom facilities are located nearby.

+ Will bedding be provided?

Please bring your own bedding - sleeping bag, pillow, or sheets and blankets for a twin-sized bed.

+ Wheelchair accessible?

No. We regret to say it is not… yet. The place we’re hosting camp is a former girl scout camp that was built at a time that did not necessarily consider the community we are trying to build here. We will do everything we can to accommodate people with different accessibility needs but regretfully cannot guarantee access for alternative wheel based modes of transport.

+ Will there be open bar?

No. Unless you're talking about Kombucha. In which case, we'll have hella happy hours. Camp is weekend of wonderful fueled by your very own happy chemicals - the ones your brain offers... and we're a drugs and alcohol free weekend.

+ How is Camp Wonderful different?

You! We’ll offer traditional camp activities we call “playshops” as opposed to “workshops" morning, noon, and night; and there’ll be plenty of free time to relax as well; but really, you're the one that will make this camp special. In fact, we're so committed to co-creation that we'll be doing a town hall style online conference call before camp starts to get your input! Also, we're the only grown-ups camp we know of with a flying trapeze staffed by circus professionals. And we're among a minority of them that are substance free.

+ How is Camp Wonderful similar?

It's summer camp! Summer camp has been around for hundreds of years: the rituals, songs, and games come from myriad sources known and unknown. Our best hope is that if you recognize things, they are familiar in a warm and comforting way. And as we co-create new experiences, they will be exhilarating and wonderful too. You'll likely recognize camp favorites like campfires, sing-alongs, nature hikes, arts and crafts, and swimming. And if there's a favorite camp activity that you love, let us know and we'll work hard to make it happen with you.

+ Why are we doing this!?

For the glory. All for the glory. Not really, but kinda... We believe everyone deserves to play — that it's a natural state of being — and that sometimes we can use a little reminder. Read more about our principles here.

+ Packing list

Warm Blanket & Sheet Set (twin) and/or Sleeping Bag (camp can get cold!)
Reusable Water Bottle
Pillow (we’ll have one for you, but feel free to bring a favorite)
Pillowcase (for that new pillow!)
2 Towels – for showering & swimming
Flashlight / Headlamp
Extra Batteries
Bug Repellent
Waterproof Sunblock
Government-Issued Form of I.D. (needed for entry)

Light Clothing for yoga, dance, relaxation, meditation (pants / shorts / shirts)
Long Socks / Short Socks
Shorts / Pants
Shirts / Tank Tops
Underwear / Bras
Bathing Suits / Bathing Suit Cover-up
Sneakers / Walking Shoes, Hiking Shoes / Boots
Sun Hat
Sweatshirt / Sweater
Bandana / Scarf
Jacket and Warm Clothes
Rain Jacket / Poncho (be prepared in case of rain)

Toothbrush / Toothpaste
Shampoo / Conditioner
Feminine Products
SPF Chapstick
Glasses, Contacts, Contact Solution

That silly costume you never get to wear
That silly costume you always wear
An outfit for The Wonderstock Dance (Think: Woodstock)

Musical Instruments
Yoga Mat
Art Supplies
Analog Camera: Disposable or Film Only
Picnic Blanket
Cabin Flare: Posters, photos of your family, etc. whatever you want to to decorate your cabin
Board Games, Cards, Frisbee, Hula-hoop, Slackline, Baseball Glove, Footballs, Sports Equipment, etc.
Gifts / Telegrams for new & old friends
Banners, Signs, Props, and anything else that might make camp more fun
Stamps to send postcards and letters
“Pocket Ashtray” for smokers (Camp Wonderful is a Smoke-Free Environment. Please be prepared to smoke in only the designated smoking areas.)
Combination lock for your bag (if you must bring something of value to camp, be prepared to provide your own security.)


The weather in Tolland, Massachusetts for July averages from a low of 60 to a high of 83, but there have been both unseasonably cooler and warmer days. Pack accordingly!