At Camp Wonderful, We Agree to:

  • Leave behind our digital devices. We will safely store your cell phones, computers, mp3 players, and T1-82 graphing calculators. Without them we can focus on real talk, real thought, real music, and real math (just kidding, we have a giant abacus)

  • Let go of time. We won’t wear watches ~ let's get timeless. Staff will make sure you know what's happening and when.

  • Play, connect, and reflect. We agree not to talk about the big W (work). No more  boring cocktail questions like, what do you do? Instead try, have you gone on the slip ‘n slide? Where can I get my face painted? Did you try the fresh donuts?

  • Embrace new names. At Camp Wonderful we go by Camp Names Only - come up with your own or be named on arrival. Haven't you always wanted to be called Ice Cream School Bus?

  • Be substance free. Camp Wonderful is a strict no drugs, no alcohol space.

  • Be a camper. We’re all different ages. Some of us are parents or grandparents, but all of us are children; so we agree not to discuss how many years we’ve been alive.