2 days | 1 night

Tues 9/10 - Weds 9/11


Ready for a Wonderful Experience?

With more activities available than you can imagine, Camp Wonderful is as much about what happens inside as the experience in camp's natural environment.

Most importantly, Camp Wonderful is yours to create: you want to make a thriller dance flashmob happen at lunch? Let's do it. You want to stay awake for 2 days straight fueled by s'mores and bug juice, singing the song that never ends? We won't try and stop you.


There are only 150 spots available, so we recommend booking soon. We know $480 is a big chunk of change to pay all at once, which is why we’ve made payment plans available via Affirm on Eventbrite.

The best way to get to camp is via the Camp Wonderful Bus from NYC to Camp, complete with sing-a-longs and new friends. There’s also the option of driving or riding with a friend. Bus tickets for each session are on sale now on our Eventbrite pages.

Just a short drive north of New York City, nestled in the lush Catskill mountains, these are perhaps the finest summer camp facilities in the northeast. Featuring modern, high quality, totally bangin’ spots you’re set to have the most comfortable camp experience ever.

We provide local, seasonal, organic food wherever possible and we'll have plenty of options for all your nourishment needs including gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian.

Caolan Hunter