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About Camp Wonderful

Camp Wonderful is a 3-day, 2-night summer camp for grown-ups, taking place August 25-27 in Tolland, MA – only 2.5 hours from NYC! 

Though beautifully situated with more activities available than you can imagine, Camp Wonderful is really more about what happens inside. We’ve seen amazing things happen at summer camp: music, theater, and epic dance parties, for sure. But the most remarkable thing we witness is grown-ups going from being total strangers on the first day to becoming life-long camp friends by the end of our time together — and there’s nothing like a camp friend.

How does that happen? Simply: time spent together doing things you love. And anything could happen: swinging on a flying trapeze, canoeing to Blueberry Island to find the next treasure hunt clue, a hard hitting, competitive game of volleyball, a quiet, shady reading spot in a hammock under a tree. Anything you can dream of, Camp Wonderful has it.

Top 10 Reasons

Top 10 reasons you gotta be there:

1. Our Camp Art Director and Counselors are creating lots of fun weird interactive art installations in the woods (and many other awesome surprises).
2. Wake up to blueberry pancakes on Blueberry Island: we’ll be playing/boating/ swimming along the waterfront at camp. 
3. There will be a flying trapeze with trained acrobats to elevate you to new heights!
4. More green time, less screen time: when was the last time you went 3 days without looking at your phone or computer? Trust us, it’s worth it.
5. No talking about work! Come up with a creative nickname instead of using your real name! You get a blank slate to be playful, imaginative and open hearted.
6. Secret magical treasure hunts.
7. Delicious local food will materialize in front of you for every meal.
8. It’s midday Friday through Sunday afternoon, August 25-27th – so you’d only need to take one day off work.
9. It’s in the Beautiful Berkshires: 2 hrs from Boston, 2.5 from NYC.
10. You can register with the code WONDER25 for $25 off! And if you’re interested in bringing a group we can hook you up with a group rate.

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Camp Name Generator

At Camp Wonderful we go by Camp Names only. Not sure what your camp name should be? Try our Camp Name Generator for ideas, then share your new name with friends!


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About the Team

Jonah Spear (Benefitz)
Jonah a lifelong summer camp devotee. He has co-directed youth camps at Rowe Camp and Conference Center, launched and co-hosted family camps at Rancho La Puerta and The Esalen Institute, and told terrible jokes, run awesome playshops, and co-conceived color wars as a counselor at Camp Grounded.Jonah's background in theater, circus, and dance also informs his work as program director at Second Response, a humanitarian aid organization dedicated to building community resilience using somatic approaches to self regulation. Together with his father, he teaches workshops and PLAYshops to caregivers, teachers, and young people all around the world.

Randy Kohn
Randy is an entrepreneur, trapeze artist and overall renaissance man from New Jersey. He had his first sleep away camp experience shortly after his parents decided his high energy personality was too much for them to handle year round. It was at French Woods Camp where he was first introduced to the flying trapeze and he spent the next 9 years as a camper and staff member.Randy’s time at French Woods set him up for a career in circus schools and flying trapeze. Randy grew up to literally run away and join the circus, and at 24 performed a triple somersault in front of a live audience, a rare feat that only few artists have accomplished. After returning home spent the last 7 years working in sales and strategy at tech start ups. He still runs away to visit trapeze schools any chance he gets.