I joined this camp on a complete lark. There is no reason for me to stop being the uptight conservative guy that I am living in DC and suddenly go off into the woods with a bunch of free spirits. However, I am so glad I did. This was one of the most wonderful experiences I have had as an adult. I have already put a down payment to go again the next time that camp wonderful is offered.

I swung on a trapeze - it was scary, fun, and exhilarating and so worth it! I helped build a bonfire on a raft and set it adrift. I met amazing people from all over the country, both newbies like myself and experienced campers, and always felt relaxed and among friends.

This world is changed in my eyes because I stopped being uptight and embraced something completely outside my comfort zone. The entire staff deserves mad love for their effort and the continuous warmth of welcome. If you are on the fence about taking a chance on something so off the chain as a summer camp for adults... sans booze or narcotics... consider me as a reference. This is a great experience.
— Filo, Washington DC
Benefitz (Jonah) was my first camp counselor ever. His leadership modeled for me a confident vulnerability and embracing of all that is weird and awkward and silly and human, which was exactly what I needed to thrive at summer camp. I can’t wait to see what happens when he’s in charge of the whole show.
— Mary, Presidio Graduate School
The world needs more places like Camp Wonderful. A place to disconnect from technology and work and reconnect with amazing humans and nature. There’s nothing but love and support at camp. No fighting, no judgment, no work talk, just all love. The people are amazing, the food is amazing, the play shops range from deep and personal, to fun and silly so there is definitely something for everyone. I never thought that camp would be my thing but I was wrong. It is VERY much my thing. It is worth every cent and I will attend every camp I can in the future! Even if you don’t think camp is for you, JUST TRY IT. I promise you, you will not regret it!!
— Lauren
Randy is an engaging and talented facilitator. He has the acuity of a businessman with the confidence and generous spirit of a professional acrobat. He rivals the sun as a pure source of energy.
— Suzi Winson, Director/Owner of Circus Warehouse
Camp Wonderful is incredible. Cannot wait to play again. Top notch staff, sparkling campers, amazing food, the best play-shops AND a trapeze... all in a tech-free, impeccable green space of deliciousness. What more could one ask for... a Casper pillow? Wait, we got one of those too!!!
— Adrienne, NYC
This camp experience is like a living dream of thoughtful and considerate people. It’s rewarding in ways that are unique to each camper. I believe in what Camp Wonderful does and would encourage other folks to be part of it too.
— John, Rhode Island
Jonah creates a beautiful space of authenticity, calling out what’s in the space, allowing for the group to create a gorgeous and safe container for learning, growth, and collaborative transcendence. Love him. He’s fantastic. Whatever you’re doing, You’re lucky to have him.
— Byron, BIL Talks Participant
Awesome. Lots of fun and games and dancing and laughter. My favorite element was the mailboxes. Camp provided a typewriter, paper, writing utensils, stickers... and we wrote to our fellow campers as well as staff. The staff attended to my needs wonderfully. The play-shops were awesome.
— Amy, Michigan
Jonah is amazing - a leader, a listener, a friend, a master of things both meaningful and fun. He’s personally been the biggest contributor to my having an amazing camp experience - and helped me be more of who I want to be. Camp Wonderful is exactly where you need to be.
— Tank, San Francisco
Lush green space, hammocks galore, stargazing stories by campfire, camp dancing, flying trapeze, and meeting magical people who all know more than you...that is what camp is all about. If your mind, body and spirit need rejuvenation...come here!
— Chris
Really wonderful and cathartic experience. I’m skeptical about everything but I feel new for having gone.
— Angela, NYC