Your Camp Packing List

Top 10 things to bring to Camp Wonderful

Okay, these aren’t necessities, but they are fun and fun is necessary at Camp Wonderful. Here are 10 fun and wonderful things to slip into your suitcase (or old-school camp trunk!) if you have the room.

1. Bubbles:

These probably can't go in your carry-on bag, but if you’re driving to camp, stock up on bubble wands. Is there anything more relaxing than laying in the grass blowing bubbles? There’s not much we can think of.

2. Fort Building Supplies:

Bring those extra sheets, safety pins, and clothes pins so you can turn your bunk into the fort of your inner-childhood dreams.

3. Fun Sunglasses:

Of course regular old sunglasses will work fine, but if you’ve been holding onto a pair of neon-heart-shaped stunners, camp is the perfect time to bring them out.

4. A Silly Hat:

Just like sunglasses, a regular hat does the trick, but we bet you have some silly ones in your closet. This is the place for them.

5. Inflatables for the Lake:

Sit in the donut/shark/pineapple float of your dreams and take a nice long lake nap.

6. A Disposable Camera:

Yes, you can still get them developed, though it might take a week or so. Without your phone and digital camera in hand, capturing memories on a disposable camera or instant camera are your best bets. Of course, you can also paint watercolor pictures of your new friends, or just keep the memories in your brain.

7. An Instrument

Start your own camp band. Dig out that trumpet that’s been buried since high school, the guitar that accompanied you on open mic nights in college, or a triangle you borrow from your kid’s playset. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have talent, you can still make music at camp.

8. Pogs:

We know there’s still some of these in your junk drawer somewhere. Let’s play like it’s 1999.

9. Friendship Bracelets:

We’ll have some supplies, but you can make some on the plane or bus and get ready to make friends upon arrival.

10. Costumes:

Dress as your wildest, truest, most playful self. If that means sequins all weekend, go for it. If you want to wear an alligator onesie to dinner, we’ll cheer you on. Want to spend all weekend in silky pajamas? Heck, yeah!

Hilary Adorno