Bring Summer Camp Home

Chase away the Missing Camp Blues


Camp is just around the corner, but if you can't wait until then to get into camp mode we have some tips. These are also helpful to use after camp when you're camp-sick and having trouble adjusting back to a schedule that doesn't include dance parties and hammock hangouts.

1. Build a fort in the living room

Get your friends or family to join you for a "camp out" in your home. You can also pitch a tent in the backyard or inside.

2. Make s'mores at home

If you don't have a fire pit, that's okay. You can make s'mores in the oven. too. Follow the advice of The Sandlot for the perfect s'more.

3. Send postcards

Sure, you can email or text your friends, but getting snail mail (that isn't grown up bills) is more fun. Even more fun: send a care package.

4. Organize a silly event

Invite your friends to play kickball. Have a pie eating contest. Have a bubble blowing competition in the park. Organize a field day.  Do something that doesn't have much purpose beyond having fun, and invite others to join (or don't!).

5. Take a phone-free day

Leave your phone at home and go on an adventure. Ask people for directions, look up and around you, and get excited about getting lost. Enjoy a day without beeps, pings, and push notifications.  

6. Take off your watch

If you have nowhere to be, ignore time and operate on your own time. 

7. Carry face paint

Members of the Camp Wonderful staff have painted stranger's faces at bars, parks, festivals, and even on the train. Most grownups haven't had their faces painted since they were kids, and it's a fun way to bond with someone while giving them a little flair.

8.  Spend more time outdoors

One of the best parts of camp is being outside all of the time. Fit more green time into your schedule by waking up early to go for a walk, eat lunch in a park, or plan hikes on the weekends.

9. Try something new each week

At camp you get to learn new skills from pickling to singing in play shops. Bring that home by signing up for lessons in something you've never tried before (like improv or guitar!) or doing a weekly skills exchange with your friends.

10.  Wear a costume

Go to the grocery store in your alligator onesie. Wear sequins to dinner. Or, just wear a cape while you clean up your kitchen. Wear whatever makes you feel like your most wonderful self and don't keep those outfits in storage until next summer.

Hilary Adorno