Summer camp for adults opening in Western Massachusetts



Picture summer camp as a child: sleeping in bunk beds, going swimming, making gifts for family and friends in the arts and crafts tent. Now add in a tea house, kombucha bar and flying trapeze. These are some of the offerings at Camp Wonderful, a new three-day, two-night summer camp for adults in Western Massachusetts. 

Nostalgia led the idea to being put into action by founder Jonah Spear. 

"I had an amazing experience as a camper at a sleep-away camp in Western Massachusetts," he said. "The day I became a camper I knew I wanted to become a counselor and the day I became a counselor I knew I wanted to become a camp director." 

So he did. 

Camp Wonderful, Spear says, will offer adults the opportunity to disconnect from their day-to-day lives and remember life as a child.

Hilary Adorno