+ Can I book multiple camps?

You can combine bookings with Camp Wonderful either by email or over the phone. For more more help with package bookings, contact us. When combined, we offer 10% off the total price of the individual camps.

+ Make special requests for group rates when booking a package

You can make special requests as you book your package. For example, we offer a discount of 10% or more on purchases of 5+ tickets. Please inform us directly at to confirm our latest offering.

+ Accessibility on Package bookings

You can request special assistance on your bus ride, such as help boarding and getting off, use of a wheelchair, or accommodations for a service animal. Contact us at to confirm the requests for each segment of your trip.

+ I purchased a package of multiple camps. Can I stay at Camp Wonderful between Sessions?

Nope. Excited as we are for you to be with us for multiple sessions, we need time to reset, recharge, and regroup between sessions. Campers will be asked to vacate the campus between sessions. There's plenty of nearby camping to stay in the woods - and if you want us to hang onto your phone for you, we will. :)

Caolan Hunter