Ever make a wish on a shooting star? Ever make a wish on a shooting star with 50 humans at the same time? We hope you’re up for the challenge. Explore the beautiful surroundings of Shandaken at night as we gaze up to the stars together. There’ll be blankets, pillows, and even some acoustic performances to make the night extra special.


Come chill out on your own or take part in a cuddle puddle – a unique way to relax, feel the love, and connect with your fellow campers. Cuddling releases oxytocin, which helps us bond, and can lower anxiety, depression and blood pressure. Make time to connect and cuddle!

There’ll be plenty of space to find your own spot, or join the group, whichever is more your style. If the music moves you and you still have some energy left at the end of one of our action-packed days, dancing like a wild one is also encouraged. You write your own story.

Check out our instructor Woop Woop on Instagram.

Caolan Hunter