Flashlight Tag

Picture this: you’re going for your nightly stroll with your new camp cutie - holding hands, discussing your dreams and looking up at the stars - when suddenly a bunch of wild creatures comes storming through! They’re screaming, laughing, and… pointing their flashlights at you? Don’t worry, those beasts are just us playing flashlight tag 😉


Flashlight tag is a fabulous game that combines hide and seek with tag and is played with only the moon and the beam of your flashlight to guide you. Hide with a group, hide alone, keep it to a whisper or run and shout – it’s up to you to create the best damn game of flashlight tag that Shandaken has ever seen!

Flashlight tag will be played outdoors in the wonderful wilderness, but we promise to help you avoid dangerous obstacles where we can and provide you with a bright flashlight with fully charged batteries!

Check out our instructor Woop Woop on Instagram.

Caolan Hunter