Cut the Small Talk

We'll be playing the UnGame, a card game that helps cut the small talk and enable us to get to know each other on a deeper level more quickly. The best part? EVERYBODY WINS! This is a super relaxed way to make some new camp friends.

This session invites people to spend quality time with each other and helps to improve listening skills as the attention is focused on each player. It helps campers to connect as they discover things in common. Everyone has the chance to express their feelings, ideas, and beliefs.


We like to foster understanding at Camp Wonderful and encourage you to listen to other points of view – something that will definitely happen in this session as we dive into 150 topics that don’t usually come up in ordinary conversation. For all fans of creativity and imagination – or those who would like to get better at them – this is the playshop for you.

Cut the Small Talk is a great way to get to know new people with a little more structure rather than relying on chit chat – it’s wonderful if you'd like to meet new people but are a little shy or nervous.

Learn more about our instructor, Catnap, here.

Caolan Hunter