Learn How to Massage

How to Be Above Mediocre at Massage!

Come learn some basic techniques to give a better rubdown to friends and loved ones. If you ever give up early because your arms get tired, or wonder if you’re doing it right, this playshop is the one for you. Few of us are born with innate massaging skills, yet virtually all of us love to give and receive good massages. Because of the many benefits of massage—relieving pain and reducing stress—learning to give a better massage to yourself, your friends, or your partner can be profound, and everyone can do it.


We will be practicing on each other so comfort and consent for others to touch you will be necessary for the hands-on-practice part. You’ll also need to make sure to have short nails. Learn to massage better and gain a skill you can gift to friends (with consent) all camp long!

Learn more about our instructor, Catnap, here.

Caolan Hunter