Do you have a payment plan available?

In a word, yes! We're a small operation this so we're not partnering with a plan company that charges like 20% APR; so, if a payment plan makes it easier for you to attend, we'll make it work. Contact us directly at and we'll arrange something with you! Our goal this year is to build a community with everyone who wants to be a part of it.

How will I get to camp?

New York, Boston, and Hartford all have airports and we'll have shuttles from those airports as well as from those cities.* The closest one to camp is Bradley International Airport in Hartford. We expect folks to fly into and be coming from all those cities (and more!) but we don't have enough data yet to know how the carpools and camp buses will work out. Suffice it to say we'll work with you to help you get to camp and if we provide transportation from your location, we'll do so at a fair price.

*Based on demand

What if I want to drive myself?

There'll surely be a carpool document to help you find a buddy and plenty of parking on site.

What's the food like?

Local, seasonal, organic wherever possible. We'll have plenty of options for all your nourishment needs including gluten free, vegan, vegetarian etc. We'll also have some meat and it'll be the highest quality available.

Can I camp in a tent?

If you want... we aren't doing an official tent village. But if you want to bring a tent and find space around the cabins we're providing, we welcome that. We'll provide a real bed for every person who wants one.

What are the cabins like?

There are 8 single beds in each cabin, screen windows, and real doors.

What should I bring?

We'll get in touch with you once you register with a packing list - but the basics for a late August outdoor experience... the temperature tends to range from high 70s during the day to the low 60s at night. Sheets, pillow, sleeping bag, towel, swimsuit, shorts, jeans, undies, socks, sweatshirt, raincoat (it's not gonna rain, it's not gonna rain, it's not. gonna. rain.) headlamp, bugdope... anything you forget can be provided for you. We aren't 100 miles from civilizations. We're 20 minutes from Great Barrington. It's gonna be chill.

What will you provide?

From the moment you get to camp to the moment you leave, we will feed you and house you and offer you a completely curated weekend with options ranging from waterfront activities, music, and games to flying trapeze, crafts, hiking, and chess. We'll have hammocks all over the place, campfires, and sing-alongs. We could not possibly list everything that's happening at camp - it would take 51 hours which, as it so happens, is the amount of time you'll be on campus. It'll feel like weeks though - in a good way :)

Is camp wheelchair accessible?

No. We regret to say it is not… yet.

The place we’re hosting camp is a former girl scout camp that was built at a time that did not necessarily consider the community we are trying to build here. We will do everything we can to accommodate people with different accessibility needs but regretfully cannot guarantee access for alternative wheel based modes of transport.

Will there be an open bar?

No. Unless you're talking about Kombucha. In which case, we'll have hella happy hours. Camp is weekend of wonderful fueled by your very own happy chemicals - the ones your brain offers... and we're a drugs and alcohol free weekend. 

How is this camp different from others?

You! We're reinventing camp from the ground up and we don't expect to do it alone. We'll have playshops morning, noon, and night, and plenty of free time to relax as well. But really, you're the one that will make this camp special. In fact, we're so committed to lots of space for co-creation that we'll be doing conference calls soon to get input on what you'd like to see happen!

Also, we're the only grown-ups camp we know of with a flying trapeze. And we're among a minority of them that are substance free (no drugs and alcohol). See our agreements for more on this.

How is this camp similar to all the others?

It's summer camp. Summer camp has been around for hundreds of years: the rituals, songs, and games come from myriad sources known and unknown. Our best hope is that if you recognize things, they are familiar in a warm and comforting way. And as we co-create new experiences, they will be exhilarating and wonderful too.

You'll likely recognize camp favorites like color wars and campfires, sing-alongs and swimming. And if there's a favorite camp activity that you love, let us know and we'll work hard to make it happen with you.

Why are we doing this!?

For the glory. All for the glory. Not really, but kinda... We believe everyone deserves to play — that it's a natural state of being — and that sometimes we can use a little reminder. Read more about our principles here.