Camp Wonderful

SUMMER CAMP for grown-ups

Camp Wonderful

Adventure • connection • Discovery • play

Summer camp is alive and thriving in the Catskill Mountains.

Come to camp, play in the woods with awesome people, make music at the campfire, and revel under the stars.

Surprise yourself at Camp Wonderful, Summer Camp for Grown Ups.


2019 Sessions


Session I

THURSDAY 9/5 - SUNDAY 9/8/19
4 days | 3 nights


Session II

TUESDAY 9/10 - WEDNESDAY 9/11/19
2 days | 1 night



FRIDAY 9/13 - SUNDAY, 9/15/19
3 days | 2 nights



We come to camp to play.
We come to discover and connect.
We leave behind the trappings of grown-up-ness.
We give attention to the people and places around us.

We take a breath. We take another.


It's not Magic, it's Camp!

As the name suggests, Camp Wonderful is full of... well... Wonder! Enjoy everything from music, theater, and epic dance parties to capture the flag, canoes, and good old creek-stompin'. Swing high on a flying trapeze, get down low in a limbo contest; enjoy a competitive game of volleyball or float in the lake, frolic into the evening in our heated swimming pool; or find your own quiet, shady reading spot in a hammock under a tree and relax all day. Anything you can dream of, Camp Wonderful has it.


Lifelong Friends

One of the most remarkable transformations we witness is when total strangers become life-long camp friends.
There’s nothing like a camp friend.


Your Team

We are a group of amazing camp counselors, musicians, and program mavens, who have developed a powerfully inspiring community experience. We’ll do everything we can to make sure that you feel invited and included all along the way.


Claim your Adventure


Camp Wonderful aims to be wildly inclusive: we welcome folks of all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, gender expressions, and abilities. All bodies, all curves, all curls. We will not tolerate racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or xenophobia. All are welcome.